Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Our offer in the field of Operations & Maintenance of PV power plants comprises technical, commercial and infrastructural services.

Developing a full service concept providing contract administration, financial transactions management and field activity reporting that comply with local laws and regulations. 

Administrative operations

  • Panel cleaning – washing operations in summer, snow and ice cleaning in winter.
  • Vegetation cleaning and cutting.
  • Internal roads maintenance.
  • Drainage system verification.
  • Maintenance teams coordination and scheduling.

Electrical equipment maintenance

  • Maintenance of low and medium voltage circuits.
  • Thermo visual verification of panels, cables and other electric equipment. 
  • Verification and reporting on the quality of the electricity generated by the inverter, using a portable analyser.
  • Verification of sensors and other measuring devises (meter, analyser, meteo stations).
  • On-site repair, maintenance and replacement interventions.

Mechanical systems maintenance

  • Verification of structural integrity of the on-site equipment: panels, junction boxes, invertors.
  • Verification of the surface of the panels.
  • Verification of fencing structures and locking systems.
  • Verification of all support systems: support structure, screws, clamps etc.
  • On-site repair, maintenance or replacement interventions.

Monitoring and raporting

  • Ensure Maximum Power Production Monthly production monthly reports.
  • Mandatory monthly/annual reports (to system regulator ANRE, Environmental Agency etc.).
  • We follow 24/24 production and offer performance indices
  • We do the interpretation and storing SCADA datas.
  • We are doing the budget analysis, production, losses, capacity and performance analysis, wind speed analysis and radiation values.

Corrective maintenance

  • We offer you full service in the field of corrective maintenance and optimisation of all types of PV power plants.
  • We guarantee follow-up and closure monitoring

Preventive monitoring

  • Monitor the production and functionality of the equipment to ensure optimal use. 
  • We ensure that all requirements are met and we act responsibly so that errors and interruption times are as small as possible.

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