Technical Audit

We cover all areas of interest, from electrical and civil assessments and checks to analysis of production indices and impact on business plan.
  • We provide technical documentation checks – building conformity with the project, as-build analysis.
  • We check all the key components and technical solution – check flexibility, the quality of the built-in technical solution, key components such as modules, inverters, structure, transformers, other systems and their interaction.
  • We check the status of support structures.
  • We perform the positioning verification, mechanical integrity and location of the internal wiring system.
  • We perform radiation analysis and the production potential- we’re looking at the assumptions about radiation, availability, yield, and shading.
  • A study will be made to determine productivity using historical meteorological data.
  • We can create, on request, a model in which to find the financial data of the investment, the operating costs and the results for the calculated performance.
  • We check the operation of the park under different conditions: start, stop, blackout.